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Villa Lounge Chair


Product: Wide lounge chair in American Walnut frame featuring cane sides and upholstered Linen Summer Sand back and seat.
Materials: American Walnut, Cane, Fabric
Dimensions: W29.5″ D30.5″ H27″

Feel the summer hues with this modest Villa lounge chair. Its outer frame is American Walnut, the sides are cane-based, and the fabric is summer linen. The blue color makes a place spacious, low-key modish, and welcoming. This lounge chair has cane sides that create a unique combination with dark walnut frame and light seat fabric. This chair has a wide seat where you sit calmly, and its curved arms provide utmost comfort. Sit like royalty in this exotic villa lounge chair and dash vibrancy around.


  • Light blue summer lines fabric
  • American walnut frame
  • Cane sides
  • Curved arms
  • Wide seat
Shipping Weight 66 lbs

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