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Okto Rectangular Dining Table


Product: Rectangular dining table featuring tempered 15 mm glass top and fiberglass bottom with brass hardware.
Materials: Glass, Brass, Fiberglass
Dimensions: L67 W32 H28 in
Weight: 161 lbs

An amalgamation of vintage and modern carving techniques was never as easy as this Okto table has made it. It’s chic base is made from solid American Walnut, which merges with tempered rectangular glass top. Its glass top has a brass lining which enhances its stability and durability. From the bottom, it looks like a vintage furniture piece, and from the upper side, its vivid glass touch will relay contemporary vibes.


  • American walnut base
  • Tempered glass top
  • Brass lining to enhance durability
  • Dashingly thin baselining
Shipping Weight 172 lbs

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