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Kors Nightstand


Product: Multi purpose cabinetry and side table featuring solid American Walnut frame, inlaid marble top and a drawer with brass handle
Materials: American Walnut, Marble, Brass
Dimensions: L24″ W20″ H24″
Weight: 68 lbs

Kors American Walnut Nightstand is a sleek cross-legged nightstand with one central drawer. Its drawer has a brass handle, and the overall frame is constructed from sturdy American Walnut. Its top has solid marble construction that makes continuous usage easy. The central drawer works impressive when you place it by your bedside. Besides, the walnut cross legs and marble top, when combined, make this Kors nightstand extremely withstanding.


  • American walnut frame
  • Cross-legged base
  • One large drawer
  • Perfect for compact home corners
  • Modish design
Shipping Weight 50 lbs

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